Benefits of face masks.

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The obvious benefit of face masks is that they help protect against pollution and germs from the environment. Including germs from other people, and prevent the spread of germs to others very well. Therefore, most medical circles recommend that people in general use masks. When there is an outbreak of disease because it reduces the risk of infection from person to person. Studies have found that face masks can filter germs up to 80%. But further studies are still needed for better efficiency.

Limitations of face masks.UFABET  

Although face masks are useful for health protection, they also have some limitations, as follows:

  • They are not 100% effective. Most masks are only about 80% effective. Depending on the quality of the material. An N95 mask is 95% effective. So users may still be at risk of infection.  
  • It cannot protect against all types of germs. Although it can protect against germs to some extent, it has not been tested to specifically protect against any one type of germ. Therefore, masks cannot be used to protect against any one specific disease.
  • Single-use: Almost all are disposable and cannot be reused or cleaned. This is because germs remain on the face mask after use. And reusing it can increase the risk of infection.
  • There is no clear research that it can help prevent. Although the medical community recommends using to prevent pollution or respiratory infections. There are no clear studies on how effective face masks are in preventing respiratory infections or pollution. Therefore, further studies are needed for clearer results.