How to take care of yourself when you have a flu that won’t go away?

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For those who have a flu that won’t go away. You may want to try these methods to help relieve the symptoms on your own initially body.

  • Protect yourself from allergens by wearing a mask. Keeping windows and doors closed. When you see that your environment is high in dust or allergens. Washing your bedsheets and pillowcases in hot water once a week, showering after going outside, avoiding cigarette smoke  , and using an air purifier with a HEPA (High–Efficiency Particulate Absorption Filter) filter.UFABET  
  • Try to drink enough water , but avoid beverages that contain caffeine. To help drain the mucus lining your nasal passages and relieve inflammation of the tissues in your nasal passages.
  • Flush your nose with saline solution  using a syringe, red rubber plunger. Or a device similar to a nasal irrigation kettle to spray saline solution into each nostril at a time. While doing this, always rinse out the saline solution and breathe through your mouth instead. Blowing your nose gently after each flush to remove all saline and debris from the nasal cavity.

In addition to the above methods, protecting yourself from getting sick with the flu by getting a flu vaccine at least once a year is also important to help prevent. or reduce the risk of getting sick with the flu.