Bruno teases Mata for the No.8

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Bruno teases Mata as the reason why he has to wait another year for the No.8. Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has mocked his senior Juan Mata for being the reason why he hasn’t worn the No.8 jersey ever since. Moved to football at Old Trafford.

Bruno teases Mata for the No.8

Current Portuguese offensive midfielder Decided to choose the No.18 kit to play for the Red Devils because No.8, who was his regular number since his old days, was already used by Mata. If there is a change in the shirt number, it must wait for the previous owner to move out first.

And while Bruno eagerly awaits his favorite number, Mata has decided to extend his contract with Manchester United for an additional year, necessitating the continued use of No.18 .

“I think we’ll have to wait at least a year to be able to put on our dream number 8 jersey (in tears laughing emoji). Congratulations to our brother. You deserve a new contract. Because you are a role model and an inspiration to everyone on and off the pitch,” Bruno said on Twitter.

And this contract extension means that 33-year-old Mata has been playing at Old Trafford for the 8th season, but it is important. He continues to work hard professionally all the time. Although rarely get the opportunity to enter the field as they should. As a result, it became a favorite that the disciples of the Red Devils were ready to give to another legend soon as well.

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