Jan Oblak confident of the Bear badge in the top four.

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Atletico Madrid’s 3-1 win over top-four rivals Real Betis has given Jan Oblak confidence the Atletico team. Will reach the top four of the Ligue 1 side this football season.

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak believes Atletico Madrid will be successful in securing qualifying for next season’s Champions League. If able to maintain the same form as the last game that beat Real Betis 3-1 on Sunday, According to Marca.

With that victory, Atletico Madrid moved up to fourth with 48 points, as well as Barcelona, ​​but Real Betis and Real Sociedad are just two and four points behind. respectively As for the seventh-placed team, Villarreal are six points behind them. 

‘We have shown ourselves that we are ‘Another Atletico’ and we have to continue like this,’ Oblak told Marca after the win over Betigo.

‘Only by playing like this can UFABET we reach the Champions League area’

‘The road is still long All players and coaches are involved.’

‘We’re playing in the mini-league for that. And if we continue like this We will do that successfully.’ 

Jan Oblak started playing for the Slovenia youth national team for the first time in 2008 Under-15s. 2009 Under-16s , 2010-2012 Under-20s , 2009-2012. Under 21 and played for the Slovenia senior team for the first time in 2012.