Liverpool scared Gomez swollen knee must miss training

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Liverpool scared Gomez swollen knee must miss training. Liverpool defender Joe Gomez has suffered a swelling in his knee. That has forced him to miss outdoor training on Friday. But his absence was only a precaution to avoid serious injury.

    The England defender suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his knee during his international career. last November And did not play for the Reds again since then.

    He underwent surgery to heal his injuries. and come back to practice. But it is not expected to be fully fit for the start of the new season.

    However, recently his knee was swollen. The case prompted the club’s medical team on Friday to allow him to miss outdoor training with his team-mates.

    It is said that this swelling is normal after surgery. Inflammation is the body’s way of dealing with muscle stiffness caused by infection or torn injections. But it’s certainly not a good idea if these symptoms persist.

    While there has been no damage to the tendon. Gomez continues to work with the club’s medical team to bring the tendon strength to an unprecedented level.

    The reason his injury is more difficult to heal than Virgil van Dijk. Who suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in October in October, is due to differences from where the knee pain is.

    Dr. Rajpal Brah explained in early May that “The patella tendon is the driving force. and clearly carry more weight than the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.”

    “It’s a very strong tendon. which is crucial for basic movement That’s why this injury is difficult to heal.”