Mikel Arteta asks for revenge after breaking the national team

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Mikel Arteta asks for revenge after breaking the national team. Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has urged England boss Josh Kroenke to give him a chance. To make amends from the start of the 2021-22 season. After the national team break on Sept. Can guarantee that there will be no game lost like Manchester City 0-5 on Saturday again.

The ‘ Gunners ‘ have lost three consecutive league games in the new season , conceding a total of nine goals and failing to penetrate the opposition. The mental condition is so bad that every gambling office has adjusted the price against – the 39- year- old coach is left with only 4/9 ( stab 9 pay 4, not including capital ) 

However , Arteta still does not give up

He is believing that the sky after the rain will be better. Only ask the management to support  

“ For me there is still a great pride and willingness to change the situation in which we are facing. A lot of things happened around the past three weeks. The team is in a difficult position, ” commented on’BTSport’.

“ The break of the national team came at the right time. It is good for us to restore the key players who missed the race as of now. It is hoped that when the shoe hit back again, we will do the better it is . ” 

The game was the City of Arteta sees a red card of graphite knitted tea at minute 35 was the turning point, making a crash landing.  

“ The first goal was disappointing. We’re dominating the game. proceed the way you want But when the opponents invade the first set. The team can’t intercept the cross and Gundogan has a clear header in the middle of the goal – if playing on this field and wanting to have points, the basics must be appropriate ”