Paul Pogba has given up on rumors

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Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba has given up on rumors. He might join Real Madrid this summer. After the French national team was unfortunately eliminated from the Euro 2020 battle the day before.

Paul Pogba has given up on rumors

The interview took place in the middle of the perfumery television show El Chiringuito. With eldest brother Matias Pogba among the guests. It was he who made a video call to Nong Rak to inquire about future plans.

“I thought that if I was on a show or interviewed anywhere. Rumors about Real Madrid have to be raised as the main point,” Pogba said in a good mood.

“however I would like to thank my dear older brother and everyone who gave me the opportunity to interview on TV today. Which is something that hasn’t been done in a long time.”

“One thing I want to say is I’m not here to say I’m going to move to a football club or how long I’ll stay at Manchester United. Because this is a moment of rest after helping the national team in the big Euro 2020 campaign.”