Salah opens up about Gaza after being pressured.

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Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has spoken out about the situation in Gaza. After being heavily pressured by Egyptian fans.

There have been clashes in the Gaza Strip. The Hamas group attacked and took innocent people hostage and killed many. As a result, the Israeli authorities had to respond with severe measures. This has led to attacks in the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas of Israel.

The incident cause many deaths and injuries. UFABET  Previously, there were Muslim players who come out to show their support for Palestine. Such as Nice defender Youssef Atal and Mainz’s Anwar El Ghazi. But both were punish by the club.

The latest is the case of Salah, who record his own images and words on video and published them through personal social media. He spoke about the situation in the Gaza Strip and ask that it stop. The ‘massacre’ has stopped.

“It is not easy to speak up in times like these. There is a lot of violence and cruelty that affects the psyche.” Salah said.

“Every life should be protected and protected. This kind of massacre must stop because so many families are being torn apart. What is clear now is that there must be immediate human rights intervention in Gaza. People are living in dire conditions.

“The pictures from the hospital last night (Tuesday) are very dire. Gazans are in dire need of food, water and medical equipment. I appeal to world leaders to step in and prevent the massacre of innocent people. And immediately go in to provide human rights assistance.”

The 31-year-old forward has come under intense pressure from Egyptian supporters for not speaking out about the situation in Palestine. And for being a voice for the Muslim world.