Son Heung-min is not in the Olympic team

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South Korean coach Revealing the reason for not calling Son Heung-min in the Olympic team. Kim Hak Bom , South Korea’s Olympic team manager. He Agreed to reveal why he didn’t call Son Heung-min, a star player who hopes from Tottenham Hotspur to help create an offensive game in Tokyo.

Son Heung-min is not in the Olympic team

“I told Heungmin that I thank you very much for showing my determination to help the national team succeed in the Olympics. But I also apologized to him for having his name cut off for some reason,” Hakbom told the ufabet.

“Spurs have informed us that the full use of Heungmin is allowed. But in the end I made a difficult decision. and if the result of the race will come out like I am responsible for it all.”

“But one thing I can’t stand is Taking our key players and their labels are at risk of injury. Because it could seriously hurt your future career.”

“As far as I know, Son Heung-min has made 51 appearances in the last season. That’s very serious for a footballer. Therefore, he should be protected. And I will be the one to do that.”

“Don’t forget that our South Korea still has a World Cup qualifier, Heungmin will be the key to our dream land. So I don’t want to see him get injured and miss a more important race. Of course, his career with Spurs is also very valuable.”