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Liver-nourishing fruits you should eat.

Choosing to consume liver-nourishing fruits is another way to take care of your health from the inside out. Because the liver is an organ that is important for the functioning of the immune system and the metabolic system. Fruits that may be effective in helping

Benefits of face masks.

The obvious benefit of face masks is that they help protect against pollution and germs from the environment. Including germs from other people, and prevent the spread of germs to others very well. Therefore, most medical circles recommend that people in general use masks. When there is

Diagnosis of Acid Reflux.

Doctors will diagnose acid reflux in general cases based on the patient’s history and symptoms. However, doctors may consider other special tests if the cause is not clear or the symptoms are not clear. Such as gastrointestinal endoscopy, esophageal motility test, gastrointestinal system examination, etc.