Diogo Dalot warns the gang that they don’t want to be in danger of Everton.

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Diogo Dalot right-back at Manchester United. Prelude to Everton’s weekend game (April 9) not to look at them. As a team at 17th in the table because of the quality of the team. And the atmosphere at Goodison Pard. If the Red Devils are careless may have to go to happiness.

‘ Blue Toffees ‘ in the hands of team manager Frank Lampard recently lost to Burnley 2-3. Despite leading their opponents first. Resulting in 29 matches on the day. Still at 17 points, more than the relegation zone, a single score, plus a brutal 9 -match final program. UFABET The goal to the Second League is waiting to be returned to the dust again since 1951   .

It’s true to see competitors playing football losing more than winning. But the Portuguese right- back believes 12:30 this Saturday at Merseyside . It will not be an easy task for the ‘ Red Devils ‘ .

Diogo Dalot said on the ‘ United Daily ‘

” It’s always tough going to Goodison Park. ”

“ The atmosphere was always threatening when we competed. Everyone knows that well. ” 

“ They may be in a mirage. But at the same time there was an incentive. So we need to expect everything to happen. Prepare for every challenge. ” 

“ Having Everton in the run-of-the-mill ranking doesn’t make it easier for us to play. Because they will fight for survival in the top league. So when we have the opportunity to be sharp , stay focused on what needs to be done. At the same time, be prepared that competitors will do whatever it takes to get points. ”

“ As for us, we have to flag that we are going to take three points back and win the game with a good performance. Then look to the next match. ” 

Asian Handicap Man Utd per halves -5, total score over – under two and a half -10