Juventus clear everything, waiting for the launch of Dusan Vlajovic.

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Juventus are set to officially announce the sign of Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlajovic. After an agreement has reach. According to reporter Fabricio Romano. Juventus football team reach an agreement to sign Vlajovic for €75 million. With a new striker’s wage of €7 million per year. 

That makes the next step for the 22-year-old spearhead’s medical examination to be hold in Turin. It is expect to be on this Friday. Before sign a long term contract UFABET and continue to officially launch. 

For Vlahovic who was previously a target for Arsenal. He make 108 appearances for the club. Include 49 while score 17 goals in 21 league games this season. 

Meanwhile Fiorentina agree to sign Artur Cabral from Basel as a replacement for Dusan Vlajovic.

Dusan Vlajovic Play style.

For Dusan Vlajovic as a player in the position of the target striker. There is a feature in the body of the body. high strength Able to handle impact well, with a height of 190 centimeters, it gives him quite an advantage when playing in the air whether in defense or trying to score goals. where can rest the ball or leave the ball for friends Moving in a good way He is a well-positioned player in the box. Has a left foot that is very sharp and decisive. If there is a chance to cock when there is a chance to score

Importantly, Dusan Vlahovic is a player with the qualities of being a good referee. There are statistics indicating that your brother’s 21 goals last season, 12 of them came in crucial moments that were decisive and decisive, and four of those goals were equalizers helping the team not face defeat.